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v1.0: Tutorials 1-11 -- Guessing Game

v2.0: Tutorials 12-23 v3.0: Tutorials 24-36 Member Submitted Tutorials

Do you have some tutorials you have made and would like to make it part of the BASIC Guru Online set? You can sumbit your tutorials by sending them to tutorials@basicguruonline.com. You can send an HTML file, any other text-based file (.txt, .doc, etc.) as an attachment, or put the tutorial in the email if it is short enough. Please include your name, your email address, the tutorial's title, a short description of what the tutorial covers, and anything else you want to appear on the page (like your website). If your tutorial covers something that hasn't already been covered in previous or upcoming tutorials, it'll most likely be added. Your name will appear at the top of the tutorial saying that you created the tutorial.

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