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The next set of tutorials will focus on the Draw commands and getKey. All of the Draw commands appear on the graph screen. The graph screen is where all the Y= functions are displayed. On the graph screen, you can display text, draw lines, circles, and points, shade in areas, and create pictures. There are a few advantages and disadvantages of using the graph screen and displaying graph screen text.



I have been reading information on how to reduce program sizes and make your program run faster. One easy way of reducing program sizes is making the program smaller by not writing unncessary things. Unless they are followed by something else on the line, the closing parenthesis ")" and the closing quotation mark ("") aren't necessary. So you can change Output(5,6,"HELLO") to Output(5,6,"HELLO. You save two bytes and the program still executes the same way. If you change this for all of the text commands you can reduce the size of a text-heavy program drastically. From now on, in the codes that I show you, I will omit those two characters.

I would strongly advise that you look at all the further definitions of the commands. You should always look at them, but in the next set of tutorials you really should because they'll include things in them that will prevent you from making mistakes in writing the code. They'll also include notes, hints, and pictures that you might need for when you're making your own programs. So please click on the further definitions!!

There will be no Big Game #2 at the end of version 2.0. I couldn't think of a game simple enough that covered all (or at least most of) the commands that you'll learn. However, there are more tutorials in v2.0 than in v1.0 and there are three very in depth tutorials on getKey, which will make your games/programs very good and unique.

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