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Finally, we've gotten to our first game, a guessing game. I was debating whether or not I should give you the whole code. I decided that I wouldn't, but start you off and tell you what the program is supposed to do. This is the only way to test if you have really understood everything so far in this tutorial. If you can make this program work, you can consider yourself a true programmer.

What This Program Has To Do:

Let me give you one more hint. The game uses all the major commands we've learned except for the For loop. If you feel comfortable enough, you can add any other stuff, but to prove that you have learned everything in this first set of tutorials, you must do what I've asked. I didn't put any part of the High Score function, because you have to add that where you think it should go. And here we are:

The Codes:

: For AShell, SOS, and TI-Explorer
ClrHome Clears the home screen
DelVar A:DelVar B
Lbl 1
0STORET T stands for tries
Repeat A=B
T+1STORET The number of tries goes up each time it repeats
The rest is up to you!!!!

I hope you were able to make the program work. There are probably many ways of making the program do the same thing. Plus, you might add things that you want, like an opening screen. I have a far more advanced guessing game (it has a lot more features) and if you would like to download it, . If you just can't figure out a certain part (or a whole part) of the guessing game program, or you have succeeded in making one, we can compare programs. I will check my mail every day; probably more than once a day. Once I get your email, I will try to respond as quickly as possible with the best help that I can give.

On To Version 2.0:
Do you feel like you've mastered this entire lesson? Do you feel that you are ready to go on to Intermediate BASIC programming? If so, go to the Overview of v2.0. If you're not feeling to comfortable with your programming skills, review the first 11 tutorials or contact me.

If you do not understand a particular part in this lesson, have suggestions, or find any problems please contact me.

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