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Tutorial 1

Tutorial 1

Basic Commands

New Commands

Name of term Description where to find command on calc.
ClrHome Clears the home screen while making a program press prgm and hit to the right once and go down to #8
Lbl A heading which the program can be told to go to. while making a program press prgm and go down to #9
Menu( A list of terms that you can make the calculator do like go to a label while making a program press prgm and go down to C

Here is a basic program in which clears the home screen and goes to a menu in which you could go back to the home screen this may seem like a bad program but it is the basis of all programs.

Lbl A
Lbl 1

Further Explaination

""                    these must always be used to have the calculator show text
,                     used in menus to divide up different selections
TEST             the title of the menu
QUIT             the title of the selection
 1                   has program go to Lbl 1
A                   label for the menu used when trying to link menus together 

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