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In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the Pause command. In the previous Tutorial, when we used For loops to delay action, the user didn't have to do anything. However, with Pause, whatever's on the screen stays there until the user presses ENTER.

New Command:

Pause Suspends program execution until user presses ENTER

Pause value

The Code:
There's only going to be one set of code this time and I will show both uses of Pause in the one program.

: For AShell, SOS, and TI-Explorer
ClrHome Clears the home screen
Lbl A
Output(3,2,"THIS TEXT WILL") Displays "THIS TEXT WILL" on line 3
Output(4,3,"BE DISPLAYED") Displays "BE DISPLAYED" on line 4
Output(5,1,"UNTIL YOU PRESS") Displays "UNTIL YOU PRESS" on line 5
Output(6,6,"ENTER") Displays "ENTER" on line 6
Pause Suspends program and waits for user to press ENTER
219STOREM Stores 219 into M
ClrHome Clears the home screen
Disp "","","" Displays three blank lines
Pause M Displays M and then suspends program

press ENTER press ENTER

Well this tutorial was short and simple. I really could have just added Pause to another tutorial and just given you the definition and an example. You probably would have understood it just as much. Except for our first tutorial on ClrHome, this has been our shortest one. Next, we are going to learn how to use menus in our programming.

If you do not understand a particular part in this lesson, have suggestions, or find any problems please contact me.

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