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October 31, 2000 -- Both the Program and Site of the Month Polls are now open. You can vote in them until Nov. 14th. You can vote on the Home Page or on the Awards Page.
October 30, 2000 -- Corey French and Sean are the 26th and 27th members
October 28, 2000 -- Posted Cody's TI-83 Plus BASIC Game, ASTEROIDS v1.2
October 27, 2000 --'s first hosted site is Ben's TI-83 & TI-83 Plus Programs. Hosted site are now listed on the home page.
Added the "Add New/Change Email Address," which allows you to submit the addresses you want on your hosted site
October 26, 2000 -- BASIC Guru Online now hosts sites! For more info go to the Hosting Page
October 25, 2000 -- Joseph is the 25th BASIC Guru Online Member
October 24, 2000 -- Changed the look of the stars in the program ratings. Special thanks goes to Joe Bechtold.
Listed all TI-83 BASIC programs from each category into their corresponding TI-83 Plus BASIC category.
October 23, 2000 -- Added to the bar on the home page, Top 5 Downloads, Site of the Month, and Program of the Month
October 22, 2000 -- Re-did the home page adding a bar down the right-hand side with the Quick Navigator to the Weekly Poll, Poll #1, and Poll #2.
October 21, 2000 -- Created the Top 5 Downloads list on the Program Archives page
Created the Quick Navigator on the Program Archives page, which allows you to quickly navigate to a specific category of programs
October 20, 2000 -- Used Cascading Style Sheets to make the sizes of most of the web pages smaller
October 18, 2000 -- Posted 4 new FAQs all written by Lucas Johnson.
October 16, 2000 -- Check out the news
October 14, 2000 -- Added program ratings and comments to TI-83 Plus BASIC Games and Miscellaneous programs
Added program ratings and comments to both the TI-83 Assembly and BASIC Miscellaneous programs.
Added program ratings and comments to all the TI-83 Plus BASIC Math programs
Created a new category: TI-83 Assembly Miscellaneous
Updated Erik J. Beerlage's program Advanced TI-Windows v3.6
Created the Old Updates Page, which has the updates of two months ago
Updated the Poll Results Page
October 13, 2000 -- Results of the Site and Program of the Month polls are in!
Posted a new Weekly Poll
Cody Dupre and Peter are the 23rd and 24th members, respectively
October 12, 2000 -- Added program ratings and comments to the one TI-82 BASIC Game
Updated all of Joe Bechtold's TI-83 Plus programs
Added the 22nd member, Justin Faerman
October 11, 2000 -- Posted Lucas Johnson's tutorial on Conditions
October 10, 2000 -- Added program ratings and comments to all TI-83 BASIC Math Programs
Posted a new updates of Ultimate Maze 2000 v1.5 for TI-83 and TI-83 Plus
Added program ratings and comments to all TI-83 BASIC Games
October 9, 2000 -- Posted all 7 of Brandon Green's Advanced Tutorials
FAQ finally created. Check out the news item for futher info.
Posted many of Brandon Green's BASIC games including one for the TI-82
Brandon Green is the 21st member of BASIC Guru Online
Posted a new TI-83 Plus BASIC Game called Anti-Snake v1.7, made by Ben Grunwald
October 8, 2000 -- Alex is the 20th member of BASIC Guru Online
October 7, 2000 -- Anarchy is Joe Bechtold's newest program
October 5, 2000 -- Updated Joe Bechtold's Member Profile.
October 3, 2000 -- Made the Program of the Month Poll the weekly poll also
Posted an update to Joe Bechtold's World War 5
October 2, 2000 -- Joe Bechtold's World War 5 added to the Program Archives
Another new member added: Keith
October 1, 2000 -- Added Tyler's Ti-83 Plus Page to the Links Page.
Program of the Month Poll for September created

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