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BASIC Guru Online now can host your already made website for free! You can get a BASIC Guru Online URL and unlimited BASIC Guru Online emails. BASIC Guru Online, however, does not offer web space; you will have to your pages online by using some other Hosting Service like Geocities. Before, you can even apply to be hosted by BASIC Guru Online, you must first become a member. Becoming a member is just simple. Just read over the Members Page and click on one of the links that says "become a member." Are you still interested and still want to be hosted by BASIC Guru Online? Then keep on reading...

For you site to be even considered for hosting, it must be TI-related. It can be a site that has programs that you've made and posted on the site, or a site like this one with tutorials and other information about TI calculators. Also, as said before, only "established sites," those that are already up and running before you get hosted, will be eligible for hosting. You cannot ask to host a site that you're going to make.

How exactly does all this work?
If your site is accepted to be hosted at BASIC Guru Online, you will receive notification telling you that you've been accepted. You will receive a web address, with the domain name, which will access your particular site. You're site is not going to technically be hosted on the site. You'll just receive a URL with the domain name and some other benefits listed below.

What will my new URL be?
Your hosted site's web address will be a third-level domain: So, if your site's name was about TI-83s, then you could have a web address like:

Is there an e-mail account included?
Yes and no. You won't get an account where you can check your email online or something. However, you will get an unlimted number of email addresses which will all be fowarded to whichever of your email accounts that you use. All email accounts will be So, your email address could be something like: And you can have as many as you want.

Why would I use the BASIC Guru Online domain name instead of the one I got with my Web Service?
The main reason why you'd want to use the BASIC Guru Online domain name instead of the domain that Geocities, for instance, would give you, is that being hosted by this site can give you the added exposure that you need. The BASIC Guru Online visitors will see links to your hosted site on the home page and in the links page, and most likely want to check it out. As mentioned above, you also receive an unlimited amount of email addresses. Finally, your new domain name will look a lot more professional than

How do I sign up?
To apply for hosting, first check that your site works and meets the requirements stated aboven. Then, fill out that Hosting Application Form with all the information needed. Remember that you must already have a site. BASIC Guru Online does not actually host sites or give out empty web space.

Add New/Change Email Address
if you've already been accepted for hosting at and you want to set up your emails. You can set up 5 at a time.

Sites Hosted

511 Programming
A site for a progamming group very active in progrmming. 1 prog per month to continue membership.
Ben's TI-83 & TI-83 Plus Programs
Contains several games and math programs both compatible with the TI-83 and TI-83 Plus. There is also a help file called BASIC 83 Guru which is a set of tutorials on programming in BASIC for the TI 83/83+.
Code Commander
A site dedicated to an assembly shell named Code Commander that has its own calculator language!
Hit and Run Entertainment
Membership, Tutorials, Movies, Message Board, Archives, and much more!
Newbie's Ti-83 Site
A fairly new Ti-83 site that will support quality programs and tutorials. New features are in the works! There is always time for improvements. Please check it out!
TI Calculators
Has downloads for 83+

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