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November 29, 2000 -- BASIC Guru Online now hosts news
Added Newbie's Ti-83 Site to the Links page
November 28, 2000 -- Posted Erik Beerlage's Advanced Math v1.2 for the TI-83 Plus
November 26, 2000 -- Posted an update Erik J. Beerlage's TI-83 math program, Advanced Math v1.2
November 23, 2000 -- The Current Date and Time are displayed at the top of the home page
BASIC InfoBase is the 3rd outside site to be hosted by BASIC Guru Online
November 22, 2000 -- Added BASIC InfoBase to the list of links in the Links Page
Created and joined a webring called TI Tutor
511 Programming is the 2nd outside site to be hosted
Posted another one of Justin Faerman's games called Fists of Fury
Hit and Run Entertainment is the 1st outside site to be hosted by BASIC Guru Online
November 21, 2000 -- Added 511 Programming to the Links Page
Posted 5 of Lucas Johson's programs: Darklands, Dragon Ball Z - Saiyan Saga, Graphics Builder, Lights Out, and Ultimate Trig Helper
Posted an update of War 3 2nd edition
November 20, 2000 -- Added two of Lucas Johnson's PUDs: Tetris and Dragonball Z - Namek Saga
Removed Joe Bechtold's Conquest, which was in the PUDs Page because he's no longer creating the game
Got rid of the Tutorials bar that used to be on the left-hand side of every page. Now, to navigate between tutorials, go to the Tutorials Home Page.
November 19, 2000 -- Removed Erik J. Beerlage's game, Red Alert, from the PUDs Page and posted it for the TI-83 and TI-83 Plus
Posted Justin Faerman's newest game, Climber
November 18, 2000 -- Posted a new weekly poll and updated all the results of the polls
Drastically changed the layout of the home page
Posted a new PUD called The Ultimate Maze 2000 v2.0
November 17, 2000 -- Added new stats to the List of Members Page. Special thanks to Cody Dupre for the idea.
Posted a new PUD called Ti-RuLeR (RTS)
M.C. is the 30th member of BASIC Guru Online
November 16, 2000 -- Created the new PUDs Page
Added X-Coderz to the Links Page
Posted Joe Bechtold's update of a TI-83 Plus BASIC game now entitled War 3 2nd edition
Winners of the POM and SOM are announced
November 14, 2000 -- Both the POM and SOM are closed
November 12, 2000 -- Added TI-News to the list of links in the Links Page
November 11, 2000 -- Peter Parlapiano is the 29th member of BASIC Guru Online
Added Bill Paetzke - TI-83 Programs to the Links Page
Posted a new FAQ question.
November 10, 2000 -- Poll results updated
Set up special times when I should be in the BASIC Guru Online Chat Room
November 8, 2000 -- Posted an update Cody Dupre's game, Midevil War
November 7, 2000 -- Created a new Interact page, which has links to the Guestbook, Message Board, and Chat Room. Special thanks goes to Joe Becthold for the idea.
November 5, 2000 -- Added Program Your Calculator to the Links Page
BASIC Guru Online is the winner of "Hit and Run Entertainment's Best TI BASIC Tutorials On the Planet" award.
Posted Sean Sartell's game Simon 2000 v1.2
November 4, 2000 -- Posted Cody Dupre's newest game, Midevil War v1.0
Posted Justin Faerman's newest game, Catch
November 3, 2000 -- New Weekly Poll posted and final results tallied
Posted Joe Bechtold's 5 tutorials
Nick is BASIC Guru Online's 28th member
November 2, 2000 -- Posted Justin Faerman's TI-83 Plus Game, Minerunner
November 1, 2000 -- Posted Sean's other game, Survivor
Posted Sean's newest TI-83 Plus Game, Simon

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