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May 31, 2001 -- Posted Jason D. Ralphs' submitted tutorial called Basic Master
May 27, 2001 -- Posted new Weekly Poll and updated poll results
May 22, 2001 -- BASIC Guru Online now has 69 members with the addition of Steven Morrison
May 21, 2001 -- Michael Ford is BASIC Guru Online's 68th member
Posted winner of the Programming Challenge for May 2001
May 18, 2001 -- Posted Ben Ilegbodu's latest PUD, SUPER Pac v1.5
Updated Kevin Becker's two games, World War Version 1.7 and Magic 8 Ball Version 1.7
May 15, 2001 -- Posted results of both the Site of the Month and Program of the Month polls
May 12, 2001 -- Added BASIC 83x to the Links page
Posted Simulation Business 3000, a new PUD by Chris Hermann
May 11, 2001 -- Posted an update of Ben Ilegbodu's latest game, SUPER Pac v1.5, compatible for both the TI-83 and TI-83 Plus
Posted a new weekly poll and updated poll results
Eric Albrecht becomes BASIC Guru Online's 67th member
Posted an update of Lucas Johnson's smash hit game, Dragon Ball Z - Saiyan Saga v5.0
May 8, 2001 -- Posted some member submitted tutorials by Lucas Johnson
Posted Dragon Ball Z - Namek Saga, Lucas Johnson's latest PUD
Posted Steve Riekeberg's PUD, Destiny
May 6, 2001 -- Steve Riekeberg is BASIC Guru Online's 66th member
Added a new pop-up window with some basic info that will appear at the beginning of each month
Posted a tutorial by Martin Johansson called StringCompression
Posted TI-83 BASIC Games by Martin Johansson, called !Totaly Nibbled! v1.3, DStar v1.1 SE (Special Edition), Black Jack v1.1, and Blizz v1.1, which are all also compatible for the TI-83 Plus
May 2, 2001 -- Winner of the newly created Member of the Month award announced
BASIC Guru Online welcomes its 65th member, Andrew Skoller

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