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The Programming Challenges are programs that anybody can make, but they have to follow the guidelines listed below. The purpose of the challenges is to test your programming skills in BASIC and to see who can make the best program with the given criteria. The challenges will begin at the beginning of every month a will last only three weeks. After all of the programs have been submitted, the winner will be announced within a few days, with his/her program posted on this page. All the entered programs will have the option of becoming a true program and being placed in the Program Archives.


Programming Challenge
Closed indefinitely

Previous Winners:

July 2001:
JShell v6.0 -- Joey Gannon

May 2001:
Drug Lust -- Chris Herman

April 2001:
Advanced Tic-Tac-Toe -- Jason D. Ralphs

March 2001:
Factor -- Sean Sartell

February 2001:
Guess The Number v1.1b -- Jason D. Ralphs

If you have any questions about the guidelines or rules of the programming challenge, please direct them to for the most immediate response.

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