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March 31, 2001 -- Program of the Month, Site of the Month, and Programming Challenge all open
Posted lots of Christopher Derycke's programs: Archer v4, Drive, Keyhunt, and Poker
Posted Justin Faerman's latest TI-83 Plus BASIC game, Memory v1.0
Posted two of Chris Coykendall's progras called Serial Killa and Up 2 Bat
Posted a new BASIC game by Cody Dupre called Triple Triad, made for the TI-83 and TI-83 Plus
Posted two new programs by Stefan Broos called Mirror and Solver, both TI-83 BASIC Math programs
Updated Poll Results and posted new Weekly Poll
KD5NEZ and Chris Hermann are BASIC Guru Online's 60th and 61st members, respectively
Added Flameblade Programming to the list of links on the Links page
Created the Latest Program Additions section on the Program Archives page
Posted Ben Ilegbodu's latest program, The Best Quadratic Factoring Program v1.5, compatible with the TI-83 and TI-83 Plus
March 25, 2001 -- Posted an updated program called Rent-A-Cop by Chris Coykendall
Added the 58th and 59th members to BASIC Guru Online, Géza Rákóczi and Josh Hanson
March 24, 2001 -- Posted Variable Search Utility by Jason D. Ralphs, compatible for both the TI-83 and TI-83 Plus
Posted two new PUDs by Jason D. Ralphs called Advanced Chemistry Plus and Shoot The Nazi II
March 22, 2001 -- Posted Billy Ella's latest TI-83 BASIC Game, Olympic Javelin Throw Y2K4 v1.0
BASIC Guru Online added on members 55, 56, and 57: Maarten Z., Christopher Derycke, and Michael Dean
March 21, 2001 -- Thonah Ep is BASIC Guru Online's 54th member
Programming Challenge closed after announcing this month's winner
March 20, 2001 -- Posted Jason D. Ralphs' newest game called Phantasy Star V, made for both the TI-83 and TI-83 Plus
TI83-ZONE added to the lists of links on the Links page
Posted a new PUD called Chat v. 0.4b from the newest member, Joe Bongi
Alphabetized the list of links in the navigation bar
March 18, 2001 -- BASIC Guru Online has increased the member count to 53 with the addition of Joe Bongi
Posted a new PUD by Ben Ilegbodu called SUPER Pac v1.0
March 17, 2001 -- New weekly poll posted and poll results updated
Posted an update to Race!, a TI-83 Plus BASIC game, by Eric Kerby
March 14, 2001 -- POM and SOM now closed with winners announced
March 13, 2001 -- Check out the latest news discussing the release of Tutorial 28
Tutorial 28 finally posted
Added Lightyear Studios to the list of links on the Links page
March 9, 2001 -- Posted 3 new programs: Asteroids (TI-83 Plus BASIC game), Black-Jack Special Y2K1 v2.0 (TI-83 BASIC game), and Rent-A-Cop 2 (TI-83 Plus BASIC game)
March 8, 2001 -- Added -----CobraSoft----- to the list of links on the Links page
March 5, 2001 -- Posted Steven's newest PUD, Popsales
New weekly poll posted
BASIC Guru Online now has 52 members with the addition of Tristan Eastman
March 4, 2001 -- Posted Network v1.1 by Stefan Broos, a TI-83 BASIC Miscellaneous program
Posted Eric Kerby's second game entitled: Title-Race!, a TI-83 Plus BASIC game
Steven is BASIC Guru Online's 51st member
Posted a new PUD called: Race!-v2 by Eric Kerby
March 1, 2001 -- Posted an update to Ben Ilegbodu's game Ace Racer 2K1 v3.0, made for both the TI-83 and TI-83 Plus

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