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August 29, 2000 -- Weekly Poll #3 added.
August 26, 2000 -- Finally created Tutorial 25: Changing Modes. Sorry for the delay. Check out news on it.
August 25, 2000 -- Deleted the guestbook from the site. The guestbook never seemed to work so there was no point in keeping it.
August 23, 2000 -- Added a new news item.
Created a Results Page, where you can find the current results of Poll #1 and Poll #2, and the results of the previous weekly poll.
Posted a new Weekly Poll.
August 21, 2000 -- Made the former Weekly Poll the second fixed poll, and made the former second fixed poll the weekly poll, which will be closed tomorrow. The first fixed poll is still the same.
August 19, 2000 -- Officially part of the Ti-Calcs Webring.
August 17, 2000 -- Added three games to the Games page: Tic-Tac-Toe, Video Poker, and a Compatibility Test.
Added a new feature to the navigation bar. Now when you hover over one of the options in the left navigation bar, it's description appears in the status bar below. If you haven't noticed it, try it now.
August 16, 2000 -- Mini "overhaul" completed. Check out all the new features added in the News article on this topic or the Features page.
August 15, 2000 -- Started the Weekly Poll
Added Poll #2 to the home page
Added Poll #1 to the home page
Put anchor links on top of most of the main pages so that you can easily navigate through individual pages. Go to the Features page to find out more information.
Created the Tutorial Submission section in the Tutorials page
News section created and page is now called "Updates & News"
August 13, 2000 -- Changed the second code in Tutorial 22 on how to check which key was pressed when you want to move an object. Special Thanks to Wade Peterson.
August 12, 2000 -- Officially part of the Ti-Basic Webring.
Added new questions in both the Comments and Submit Your Links forms.
August 10, 2000 -- Added an About section to the website that describes what this site is, the purpose of it, and a little info about the author.
Added a Links section to the website where you can check out the links or submit a link to your own website
August 9, 2000 -- Tutorial 24 created
Overview v3.0 created
Version 3.0 begun: tutorials to be in v3.0 have been selected
August 8, 2000 -- Added screen shots after all the codes in Tutorials 20-23 (completion of Version 2.5).
August 7, 2000 -- Added screen shots after all the codes in Tutorials 1-19.
Added some extra information on the use of DelVar in Tutorial 3. Special thanks to John Myers.
August 6, 2000 -- Version 2.0 created: Tutorials 12-23
August 3, 2000 -- Website Created (Version 1.0: Tutorials 1-11)

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