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The first feature of BASIC Guru Online is the Index of commands. There is a definition of all the commands that are used in all of the tutorials in the Index. Whenever you see a command or any other word linked, you can click on it to get a further, more explained definition of that command or word. If you wanted to know how to use a specific command you can go to the Index and click on the letter (which is a link) that the command begins with. Then, click on the command (which is also linked) and you'll go to its further definition. After the definition is a list of all the tutorials where the command is covered. Click on the link to that tutorial and you can learn how that command is used.

Another feature of this website is the Updates & News page. In Updates section of this page, you can find out if any new tutorials have been posted on the site or if anything else has been created on the site. The Updates section serves also the History of the BASIC Guru Online. The News section is where I, the author of this site, give you information that I think you should know. It'll explain any lag in tutorial releases and give a more detailed description of new features added to the website. Use both the Updates and News sections to keep up to date on what happens at BASIC Guru Online.

BASIC Guru Online has three polls on its website, which are all on the right side of the homepage. The first two will always be the same, asking the same questions. The first poll, asks how many times you have visited this site. The second fixed poll asks you how you got to BASIC Guru Online. The last choice is an open text field where you can input a site that's not among the ones listed. The last poll, which isn't fixed, is a weekly poll. The question will change every week. You can submit suggestions for questions to appear in the weekly poll, also. These polls allow me to get quick feedback from you. Voting for all three polls doesn't take more than 2 minutes and the results will really help make the site better. If a lot of people vote on the polls, I will create a results feature for it. Then you'll be able to see what other people think.

Want to be a member of BASIC Guru Online? Well, now you can. Go to the Members Page, where you can fill out a sign-up form or check out the list of current members.

The Program Archives page is all the programs that members of BASIC Guru Online have submitted to be posted on the site. Although only members can submit them, anybody can download them. Everyone can also nominate a program that the like to be in the upcoming Program of the Month (POM) poll. Check out this page to find good calculator programs.

Know what you're looking for, but just don't know where to find it? You can use the BASIC Guru Online Search Box to find what you're looking for.

In the Links page there are a couple of links to other TI calculator-related websites, such as ticalc.org, which I consider the best site to get any type of calculator programs for any type of calculator. I am also part of the Ti-Basic webring, which exclusively deals with BASIC programming. Also in the Links section you can submit your own link to your website to be added to the BASIC Guru Online list of links.

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