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What is TI-Graph Link software?
The TI-Graph Link software "provides an interface between your calculator and simplifies the functionality of your TI calculator." Basically, what the TI-Graph Link software allows you to do is create programs on your computer, and allow you, along with the TI-Graph Link Cable, to send/receive programs to/from your calculator. It's free to download from TI's Website. With this software, you could read all of the calculator files that you see on the 'Net. Even if you do not have the TI-Graph Link Cable, you still can read those files and then manually copy the code onto your calculator. You should definitely get this software because not every program archive is going to have a text version of all their games, especially the big ones like ticalc.org. You'd most likely have to ask the author of the program, who might not be willing to do it. Plus, it's free and easy to download, so you really have no excuse. The software also makes finding errors a whole lot easier because you can view more of the code at one time (not just seven lines like on the calculator). You can also protect your programs with the software so that no one else can edit your program from their calculator. The last reason to get the software is that, you type everything in. Typing in the commands is much easier than finding the command on the calculator going through all those menus or using the catalog. Just type in L-I-N-E-( instead of having to press 2ND and PRGM [DRAW], and scrolling down to 2:Line. Plainly, it's just simpler.

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