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What is the TI-Graph Link cable?
Let me just first explain that the TI-Graph Link Cable is not the short cable that came with your calculator when you bought it. That is a link cable that links two calculators together and allows the sharing of programs and variables between two calculators. The TI-Graph Link cable allows you to send calculator files that you most likely downloaded from the Interent to your calculator and vice versa.

There are a lot of places where you can by imitations of the TI-Graph Link cable, but I suggest buying it from TI itself. If you buy it from TI, you are guaranteed that it'll work well with you calculator and your TI-Graph Link software. There are two ways that you can buy the official TI-Graph Link Cable. What I did is sent an email to TI telling them that I wanted the TI-Graph Link Cable. If you have a PC, ask for the black TI-Graph Link Cable, or if you have a Mac ask for the gray one. Make sure that when you ask for the Cable that you also give your mailing address. This way, when they reply, they'll send you back the amount you'll need to send them, which includes shipping and handling. There are several ways to pay including over the phone by credit card or sending them check or money order. Ordering over the phone obviously is quicker, but I elected to send in a money order because I don't have a credit card. Once they have received your money, you should receive the TI-Graph Link Cable within 4-6 weeks.

I've also been informed that you can by the TI-Graph Link Cable at electronic stores like Best Buy, or those all-around stores like Target. I say the TI-Graph Link Cable and Software packet once in Best Buy, but I have never seen it again. However, that was in the Summer of 1998, so it's highly likely that they are selling them in stores now. If there are in fact sold in stores it's best to buy them there because you have the cable immediately and not in 4-6 weeks.

You can also get the official TI-Graph Link software by buying it from their "Instructional Product Delears". These are delears in your state where you can also buy the Cable. I didn't use one of the dealers, because I preferred to work with TI.

If you don't have the money to buy a Cable from TI or just don't want to pay that much money, you can do one of two things. You can buy an already made cable from somebody else (most likely a person) or you can make your own Cable. If you want to buy a Cable from someone else, ticalc.org has a page where some people have posted ads for Link Cables. Most of them have pretty good deals, but once again, you're not guaranteed that the Cable will work properly. I never used them because I don't buy stuff online from non-major companies. I don't see how I can trust somebody to send me the product after I've already given them my money. If you feel bold (or extra cheap whichever is the case) you can make your own link cable. Ticalc.org has a pretty big page about making your own link cable if you have a PC or a Mac. If you want to make a $4 of $5 link cable, check it out.

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