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What is an emulator?
Emulators in general are computer programs that translate instructions for one type of processor to instructions that your own computer can read and execute. For example, there are some types of emulators available that understand the instruction sets of video game processors like the regular Nintendo and allow you to play video games on your computer just like you would on the Nintendo. Similarly, there are emulators which can simulate your calculator. Emulators are advantageous because they can run much faster than your calculator, and they allow you to view detailed information about the code that's being executed, which is especially helpful for programmers. Also, when you program in Assembly, which can be dangerous to your calculator if you don't know what you're doing, you won't harm the computer like you would your calculator. So in a case where your calculator would freeze up and not work, all you would do is close the emulating program and start over. The final advantage of using a calculator emulator is that your memory cannot be erased as easily and whimsically as it can be on your calculator. It can't be easily erased because the files are actually on your computer. Your computer would have to crash for those files to be erased. You could also use an emulator to get screenshots of your program.

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