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What should I do if I get an "ERR:LABEL" message?
You'll get this error message if the label in the "Goto" command is not defined with a corresponding "Lbl" command in the program. What this means is that you have a Goto, but you don't have a "Lbl" for it to go to. The one thing I hate about this error message is that it doesn't give you the option of a 2:Goto. All you can do is just quit. When I am trying to pinpoint the exact location of the error, I run the program just like I did before except I break program execution (by pressing ON) right before I would receive the "ERR:LABEL" error message. This way, I know I'll only have to scroll down a few lines to find where the error is. The really hard part is finding where you messed up. You probably did make a corresponding "Lbl" command for the "Goto," but you most likely typed the label in wrong. You'll just have to find the "Lbl" where you mistyped the label and fix it.

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