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Why do I run out of memory when playing some games ("ERR:MEMORY")?
This actually rarely should happen because programmers know of this situation and try to prevent it from happening by changing some code in their games. If you get "ERR:MEMORY" right when you start the game that means you don't have enough free RAM to even get the game started. If you have a TI-83, you'll have to delete some programs. If you have a TI-83 Plus you can either delete or archive some programs. Getting this error message during game play usually happens with animated games or games where you move things around with the arrow keys. What happens is that the game never gave the calculator time to "rest" or "refresh" itself. Playing a game also takes away from the free RAM, and the longer you play, the more free RAM that is used. Most people usually don't get this error message because most games aren't long enough to use up all of the calculators memory, or they are designed to give the calculator a "rest." If you do, however, get this error message and you really like the game, you'll have to delete some of your other programs are archive them (if you have a TI-83 Plus). There's really nothing you can do about it besides this, because it's the programmers fault. One last way to prevent this from happening is to always keep a lot of free RAM open from game use. I usually like to leave at least 1,500 bytes of free RAM. That way, the odds of ever getting that error message decrease significantly.

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