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What do I need to view .83* or .8x* files?
The only way to view TI-83 or TI-83 Plus files is to download the TI-Graph Link software. If you really want to become a real programmer you going to have to get this software. With the TI-Graph Link software you can view .83p or .8xp files, depending on which calculator you have. Actually, the Graph Link software for the TI-83 Plus can open both types of files. It can also send programs, pics, user variables, matrices, lists, and all other types of calculator variables as long as you have the TI-Graph Link cable. It can also handle the *.83g/*.8xg files. You can also receive programs from your calculator and even get a picture of the current screen. Loading it onto your computer is easy. Just follow the directions and you should be fine.

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