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How do I archive/unarchive programs on my calculator?
First let me explain what archived programs are. One of the big improvements of the TI-83 that are in the TI-83 Plus is that ability to archive programs. Archived programs are programs that are on your calculator, but you cannot run them. They are stored in sort of a secondary memory space. Archived programs are identified by a star "*" next to the programs title. To run archived programs you must first unarchive them. Here's how you archive/unarchive a program: first press 2ND and + [MEM]. A menu should appear and scroll down to 2:Mem Mgmt/Del.... Next, scroll down to 7:Prgm. Now, a list of all the programs on your calculator should appear. First, I'll go over archiving a program. In the top, right-hand corner there are two lines that read something like "RAM Free" and "Arc Free". These two are followed by numbers which are the amount of free space (in bytes) that each one of these large "memory slots" have. The calculator starts off with 24 kilobytes of free RAM and 160 kilobytes of free Archive space. Also, next to each program are numbers, which are the sizes of the programs (in bytes). Okay, for you to be able to archive a program that amount of free Archive space has to be greater than the size of the program. For instance if you had a 9,235-byte program and you had 12,485 bytes of free Archive space, you can archive that program. However, if you only had 7,482 bytes of free Archive space, you wouldn't be able to archive it. To archive a program, just press DOWN until you get to the program you want to archive. Once the arrow is pointing at the program you want to archive, press ENTER and your program is archived. A "*" will appear next to the program's name if it has been successfully archived. Now, to unarchive programs. Unarchiving programs is pretty much the same as archiving programs. When you want to unarchive a program you have to make sure that the free RAM is bigger than the program's size. A rule of thumb for me is that the free RAM should be at least 500 bytes more than the program size. This is because the calculator needs some free RAM to run programs. To unarchive an archived program, just press ENTER next to the program you want to unarchive. The "*" should dissappear if the program has successfully been unarchived.

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